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Art Project "By feeling to see..."

”And by feeling to see..." is an inclusive art project created by Belarusian artist Vasili Zianko in co-authorship with blind pianist Mariya Rudko. The literature and pictorial art softly intertwines together creating a  soothing pieces.

Exhibition consists of seven original tactile paintings.


These are the relief illustrations of short lyric-philosophical pieces of Belarusian poet Ales Riazanov’s verse collection "So and such: rain chatters with lighting "(2018).


The artist chose "colorful" five-lines verses and illustrated a paraphrases-improvisations by translating them into Braille (in the form of relief dots).

There are international standards in Braille writing and  Vasili Zianko observed it for creating tactile pictures. A blind person firstly "reads" a short verse and then studies its pictorial and relief embodiment. For sighted people these works are the color harmonious pictures with raised relief surface of smooth lines.


This art project lets visually impaired and blind people fully enjoy art exhibitions. Each and everyone has a real possibility to grasp the paintings - by eyesight and by touch alike, stay unchaperoned with exclusive work, and feel the artist's original understanding of literature images.

The inclusive art project of Vasili Zianko “And by feeling to see ...” was included in the finalists list of the Republican competition “National Prize in the Field of the Fine Arts 2019-2020” (Painting) and was exposed at the exhibition “Triennale of Contemporary Art” in Minsk in the summer of 2020.

This Competition is held regularly by the Ministry of Culture and the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus and honors the best masters of the fine arts of the country for the highest contribution to the national culture of Belarus.



Completed exhibitions 

Belarusian National Arts Museum Inclusive art project "By feeling to see..."



Belarusian National Modern Arts Museum Inclusive art project «BOUNDERLESS POSSIBILITIES»

19.09.2019 – 20.10.2019

Project gallery

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