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Vasili  Zianko was born on November 8th, 1977, in Stolbcy (Belarus)
             1989 - 1996 - attended Belarusian Art Lyceum (nowadays - Ivan Osipovich Akhremchik art gymnasium-college)
             2006 - Graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts, faculty of Design and Decorative and Applied Arts. Studied from People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus:
G.K. Vaschenko, A.V. Baranovsky, honored artist of the Republic of Belarus V.L. Zinkevich.
             since 2009 - member of Belarusian Artist Union
             since 2011 - member of Belarusian Design Union
             since 2019 - Chairman for Design and Decorative and Applied Arts unit of BAU
             Majority of his art activity dedicates to design, decorative and applied arts. Preferred techniques include wall painting, ceiling painting, mosaic, relief, stained glass. Works are characterised by high professional level, ability to think constructively and develop large volumes of enclosures, bending them according to his own design.


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Belarusian State Academy of Arts, faculty of Design and Decorative and Applied Arts graduate Vasili Zianko is working in so called "enviromental romanticism" style. Reaching out to Art Nouveau heritage, formed in the early XX century,  is one of stylistic features of his art.
Personal technique is based on painting with acryl on canvas with use of different textures, thinnest glazing, but most importantly - volumetric outlines. Pieces uniquiness is based on ornamental "curliness" of natural shapes of plants and wildlife in combination with slight  asymmetry. Artist's works resemble dancing, wavy arabesques, pierced by organic energy and herbal life force.


Awards: gratitude from Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus for outstanding art achievments and high professionalism (2019); diploma of International non-commercial organisation Sweden Share Music & Performing Arts "For participating in IncArtLab project (2017-2018)" and building an inclusive society in Belarus (2018); diploma of II International art plein-air "Holiness of Belarussian land" for high professional mastery and personal contribution in realisation of charity project "Artists - to kids" (2017); diploma of Cultural center of Belarus in Poland for significand contribution in development of joint cultural connections (2015); diploma of International Art plein-air "New Flow" (2014).

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