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   Belarusian State Academy of Arts, faculty of Design and Decorative and Applied Arts graduate Vasili Zianko is working in so called "enviromental romanticism" style. Reaching out to Art Nouveau heritage, formed in the early XX century,  is one of stylistic features of his art. Personal technique is based on painting with acryl on canvas with use of different textures, thinnest glazing, but most importantly - volumetric outlines. Pieces uniquiness is based on ornamental "curliness" of natural shapes of plants and wildlife in combination with slight  asymmetry. Artist's works resemble dancing, wavy arabesques, pierced by organic energy and herbal life force.

   Zianko's pieces belong to collections of modern arts in National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus), National Modern Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus), Maxim Bogdanovich Literary Museum (Minsk, Belarus), Museum of Minsk history, Vitebsk Art museum, Museum of Russian Art (New York, USA), "Tradition" Picture Gallery of G.M. Prianishnikov (Svetlogorsk, Belarus), Lida historical Art museum (Lida, Belarus), as well as private collections of Austria, Belarus, Germany, USA, Norway, Russia, Poland, Turkey, France.


С 9 октября в арт-галерее «АРТ ФАБРИКА» проходит выставка авторского проекта «Другая кожа»

Exhibition of paintings of the inclusive direction of the artist Vasily Zenko in the branch of the National Museum of Belarus in Mogilev



Vasily Zenko, 2016

In the REFLEXUS art project, the artist Vasily Zenko experiments with the human ability to perceive objects of the surrounding world with the help of the senses. The artist focuses on how a specific material object in the form of a set of images and concepts is reflected in human consciousness.


Vasily Zenko, 2015-2016

Art rhymes with the idea of ​​no boundaries both in the form of expression and the possibilities of perception. Art is created by those and for those who dreams of more, regardless of origin, physical abilities, additional needs for the realization creative aspirations. Art is for everyone, accessible and diverse!

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