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History of creation of Inclusive projects

In 2017, Vasili Zianko took part in the work of the First Inclusive Creative Laboratory of the Belarusian-Swedish project "InkArtLab", which was held at the National Art Museum. For the first time, the artist got the experience of communicating with people who has special needs. The participants of the laboratory were interested in how the visually impaired would perceive his works. An experiment was carried out. The blind pianist from Minsk Maria Rudko “counted” the painting “Sunflowers” with her hands, on the back of which a microphone was installed.


Accordingly, the touch of the fingers to the canvas and hands moving across the picture created a kind of music. The effect was amazing. Since the girl lost her eyesight in childhood, some visual images remained in her memory. It was not difficult for Maria to understand that the work depicts flowers.


Vasili was extremely inspired by that event. An idea of project, dedicated to blind and visually impaired people, was born. Zianko's individual technique - volumetric, relief and contour - perfectly fits realization of such format.


The artist took over a year to work on the first inclusive art project. Vasili invited Maria Rudko as a consultant - it is tacitly natural for any projects related to people with disabilities - nothing for them without them.


In 2018, first inclusive project “And by feeling to see...” was presented, and second one - "Poetry of dots..." - was released in 2020.

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