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My projects

Vasily Zenko, 2009

The project consists of 15 paintings. These works represent a single whole compositional space. The plastic forms of each of the paintings have no boundaries, they  smoothly flow into one another, creating a holistic structure and inspiring the viewer with the illusion of constant, continuous rotation. The central work depicts the circle itself. This sign has many interpretations and meanings. The circle symbolizes the Beginning and End of everything that exists in this world. This is the starting point of life and its completion.

Композиция №1. 2011г. 100х80 холст, акри
Vasily Zenko, 2011

In the art project "REFLEXUS" the artist experiments with the ability of a person to perceive objects of the surrounding world with the help of his senses. The artist focuses on how a specific material object in the form of a set of images and concepts is reflected in human consciousness.

Крутой! 2011г. 110х80 холст, акрил..jpg
Vasily Zenko, 2011

The Predator - Prey project consists of nine picturesque compositions depicting representatives of the diverse world of fauna. Some of them act as hunters, while others act as potential prey. In these works, such a relationship is clearly traced between the main characters. Hunting is a whole art.

Vasily Zenko, 2011

In the art project "Difficult Relationships", the artist turns to the theme of a person's inner world, which consists of the finest interweaving of feelings, experiences and reflection on external events and circumstances. The author believes that emotions govern people's lives and their actions. It is often very difficult for a person to cope with them, and he is captivated by his feelings. Being in their power, we perform certain actions, we interact with each other.

Vasily Zenko, 2014-2015

Time belongs to an abstract philosophical category, which is rather difficult to visualize and embody in material. But the author masterfully, with the artistry inherent in his work, solves this interesting problem. In his understanding, time is an "X-ray", which can reveal the essence of certain phenomena in the world. In the artist's paintings, time is embodied as various artistic images, which are peculiarly transformed X-rays.

Vasily Zenko, 2019

The art project "Another Skin" is an original interpretation of two extremely relevant topics for modern society at once - the risk of an environmental catastrophe and the still existing violence against women. Remaining faithful to the main direction of his own creativity - "romantic ecology" - the author goes to a definitely new level in the embodiment of his plans.

Vasily Zenko, 2015-2016

The art project "Archivarius" preserves images of wildlife, which is getting closer and closer on the planet from the activities of mankind. Some works even depict endangered species. In these paintings, the author conveys his impressions and feelings that he experienced in the process of work.

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