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Project concept "Insect life"

The project consists of 15 paintings measuring 110 × 80 cm, made with acrylic paints on canvas using the author's technique.

These works represent a single whole compositional space. The plastic forms of each of the paintings have no boundaries, they  smoothly flow into one another, creating a holistic structure and inspiring the viewer with the illusion of constant, continuous rotation. The central work depicts the circle itself. This sign has many interpretations and meanings. The circle symbolizes the Beginning and End of everything that exists in this world. This is the starting point of life and its completion. The symbol depicted in the central composition can also be considered as a modified solar sign. The used gold speaks of the special solar power, the energy of this sign. This color is also present in the images of the insects themselves in all other works as a symbol of vital energy received by all living things from the Sun. The combination of several circles in the composition of the central picture is a kind of spiral - a symbol of development and eternal change. The development of everything in the world takes place according to the principle of a spiral. Each loop is the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. The spiral is a symbol of life, cyclical rhythms, concentrated energy.

The compositional structure of the central piece is a concise model of the overall composition of the series. This is a certain prototype of the structure of the atom and the Universe, micro- and macrocosm.  The semantic code of the series is not limited to this. In it, an invisible thread draws a parallel between the world of insects and people, society. In these two seemingly autonomous worlds, the same laws of nature operate.

We are talking about the very beginning of the world, about the origin of everything that exists, i.e. about the time of Unity and Harmony of all life on earth, before the reign of chaos and ontological dissonance. Therefore, in this series, it is logical to refer to the origins of primitive art, where the idea of the unity of the world was dominant. To implement the idea, a systematic selection of the necessary elements, color ratios, and the development of details were carried out, which made it possible to express the main thing.

All project works

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