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Project concept "Another Skin"

The art project "Another Skin" by Belarusian artist Vasily Zenko is an original interpretation of two topics that are extremely topical for modern society at once - the risk of an environmental catastrophe and the still existing violence against women. Remaining faithful to the main direction of his own creativity - "romantic ecology" - the author goes to a definitely new level in the embodiment of his plans.

On the one hand, Vasily continues the tradition in art, when the creators of different eras sang a woman, bowed before the Muse, who bestows both life itself and inspiration. He creates exquisite anthropomorphic images in which ideal female bodies are guessed, which are organically combined with images of beautiful flowers, fish, birds. The works are distinguished by high professionalism, pronounced aesthetic orientation. Each composition has an individual color scheme, plastic form, rich texture.

And at the same time, the artist's paintings have deep and expressive symbolism through which the author expresses his own position. Vasily stands for the elimination of violence against women. The artist is convinced that the very existence of violence is an insurmountable obstacle to building an inclusive and sustainable society. That is why the Belarusian author promotes gender equality and non-violence.

At the same time, Vasily the artist also touches on the problem of preserving the environment. He sees one reason for a possible ecological catastrophe - the consumer attitude of man to the planet, its resources, the world of flora and fauna, and, moreover, to each other. The master is sure that the problems associated with ecology can and should be solved only if the vector of consciousness of each person changes towards the perception of the Earth as a common home, as a single living organism, of which we are all cells.

Embodying two sharp, polemical themes through bright, expressive artistic images, distinguished by fragility, subtlety, exaltation and even some ephemerality, Vasily Zenko addresses his viewer in the language of metaphors. And being alone with the paintings of the Belarusian artist, we have a chance to think at least for a minute about what each of us is able to do. Perhaps, take into account the motto of Joan of Arc: "If not me, then who?" Start small, like an artist says. Start with yourself!

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