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Project concept "Predator-Prey"

The Predator - Prey project consists of nine picturesque compositions depicting representatives of the diverse world of fauna. Some of them act as hunters, while others act as potential prey. In these works, such a relationship is clearly traced between the main characters. Hunting is a whole art. Victims are camouflaged by color change, use speed, hearing, the fastest reaction at the slightest danger and other methods of protection, while the actions of predators are aimed at overcoming these tricks. In some compositions, unexpected metamorphoses occur, when the predator suddenly becomes a victim himself, etc. From the outside, such an interaction of the characters in the paintings can be perceived as an endless performance without intermission, in which predators and their prey act as actors of a real theater. And they perfectly play their roles, each of which was carefully thought out and assigned to them by a wise and demanding director - Nature.

The idea of this project is not limited only to showing the “predator-prey” system in the ever-evolving world of the biosphere. Although this alone deserves the artist's close attention, since everything in nature has a unique beauty, diversity and wisdom of the world order. The attentive viewer can trace in the compositions some interconnection of the general laws of nature and society. The human world also has its own "predators" and "prey". This "division" occurs in accordance with the psychological makeup of each person. The duality of the world assumes that in our Universe everything strives for a certain balance: right balances left, top - bottom, good - bad, victim - rapist, predator - prey, etc. Based on the observance of this kind of balance, the psychology of “prey” and “predator” cannot be the same, with all the ensuing consequences. At the same time, building this kind of parallels between the natural world and society is only a subjective point of view of the author of the project. Each  the viewer has the right to his associative array when viewing the exhibition "Predator - Prey", since the idea itself and its original embodiment allows multiple interpretations of what he saw.

The works of Vasily Zenko presented at the exhibition are made with acrylic paints on canvas. The master's works are distinguished in their own way by a unique author's manner of writing. It is based on an unexpected combination of some style features of Art Nouveau (ornamental waviness of the lines of natural forms of the animal world, the presence of slight asymmetry) and the African style (bright, rich color, natural minimalism, rough textures). Impulsiveness, rhythm, brilliance coexist in Vasily Zenko's compositions with natural simplicity. These techniques are subordinated to the individual author's vision, so the artist's works are always easily recognizable and have a unique sound power.

All project works

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