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Project concept "Time as X-RAY"

Even the ancient Greeks correctly noted that "everything flows, everything changes." Nothing is permanent in the world. But only time really dot the i's. The author of the project is based on this idea. Time belongs to an abstract philosophical category, which is rather difficult to visualize and embody in material. But Vasily Zenko masterfully, with the artistry inherent in his work, solves this interesting problem. In his understanding, time is an "X-ray", which can reveal the essence of certain phenomena in the world. In the artist's paintings, time is embodied as various artistic images, which are peculiarly transformed X-rays. This approach is original, since in this case the author of the project appears in the role of an apparatus that passes X-rays through itself. Vasily Zenko, through the prism of his work, transforms reality and at the end creates unique paintings with philosophical overtones.

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