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Project concept "REFLEXUS"

In the REFLEXUS art project, the artist Vasily Zenko experiments with the human ability to perceive objects of the surrounding world with the help of the senses. The artist focuses on how a specific material object in the form of a set of images and concepts is reflected in human consciousness.

The exposition presents 4 diverse objects of living matter, which have their own distinctive features and properties. Each of the first 3 blocks contains a direct image of the object. Following it, a fragment is presented that most fully characterizes its specific features. Further, the artist represents the structure (content) of the object, which helps to enrich the idea of it. The next stage of perception, according to the concept, is the image of the texture of the object, which allows you to complement your own impression at the tactile level. The final links of each of the 3 blocks are works that reveal the immediate essence of the object.

All project works

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